The Dangers of College Drinking

College drinking is an issue we should pay more attention to. Every year, millions of college students are affected by the consumption of alcohol. If left unchecked, this may lead to very undesirable outcomes. For many, college years offer the most popular times for drinking experiments. About 80% of college students drink alcohol to some extent. An estimated 50% of students who drink alcohol engage in binge drinking, which involves the consumption of a significant amount of alcohol in a short period.

A substantial number of college students admit to having started their alcohol consumption habits before joining college. After graduating from high school and moving out on their own, college students feel the desire to exercise their newfound independence and freedom. The presence of alcohol at social events and sporting activities often presents a temptation for students. What often begins as a single drink, usually turns into a couple more. Consuming alcohol weeks on end causes the body to start developing an alcohol tolerance. This implies that for you to get at a similar high as you did on previous occasions, you will have to consume more alcohol.

Frequent heavy drinking significantly increases the likelihood of developing an alcohol use disorder, which can cause critical emotional and physical damage (not to mention poor financial decisions that will require credit repair). Although some side effects are short-lived and can go away within a few days, others may have lasting effects. That’s why it’s essential to ask for help when you start developing symptoms of a drinking problem. Alcohol treatment centers have specialists who provide top-notch assistance and care for those who have given up alcohol consumption and want to recover. It would be helpful to contact a treatment provider for more information about rehab facilities that specialize in alcohol recovery in your area.

College Students and Binge Drinking

A significant proportion of college students consume alcohol through binge drinking. Simply put, binge drinking is the excessive consumption of alcohol over a short period. Binge drinking varies among men and women. For men, consuming 5 or more alcoholic drinks within a span of 2 hours qualifies to be called binge drinking. For women, the number is less. Binge drinking for women occurs when a woman consumes four alcoholic drinks within a span of 2 hours.

College Students are more likely to indulge in binge drinking during the first 6 weeks of their freshman year. During this time, many students fall into peer pressure and start consuming alcohol soon after the first day of classes. Alcohol consumption is often perceived as the college experience desired by students. The desire to make new friends and fit in is the driving force that leads many students to indulge in alcohol consumption without regard to the potential consequences.
In recent years, college students have started drinking more hard liquor than beer. Instead of drinking to socialize, a growing number of college students are drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk. Hard liquor has a higher alcohol concentration than other alcoholic beverages, therefore it only takes a few drinks before you start feeling its effects. Surprisingly, when drinking alcohol, some college students’ goal is to consume as much alcohol as possible or even blackout. These results are very dangerous and can potentially lead to life-threatening results like alcohol poisoning.